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About Me

I am a Los Angeles implant from New Jersey.  I began my undergraduate experience studying movement/dance therapy at Stockton University in New Jersey.  After some time as a professional dancer in Los Angeles, I decided to return to therapy earned a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  During this time I became a part of the sex wellness and education team for A Touch of Romance.  There,I taught workshops on various female sexual health topics, such as sex toys that assist in vaginal health and squirting.  I was also apart of the street team, which supplied free sex products that promote sexual wellness.  These included condoms, lubricant and women's wellness pamphlets.  It was during this time, I heard many stories from women  searching for answers to their sex life in the store.  Although each experience was different, it was always evident that their answer could not be purchased.  This inspired me to create a coaching business allowing me to assist women in accessing their full sexual self and remove sexual shame. Since then I have expanded my focus to include men with sexual issues such as premature ejaculation, sexual performance, etc.  I have also gained experience with challenges within couples such as infidelity, polyamory, communication, etc.  I currently work under the supervision of Dan Drake at Banyan Therapy Group, helping clients heal through sexual addiction, partner betrayal trauma, and intimacy issues.  I have completed the Multidimensional Partner Trauma Model training and am currently in the certification (CCPS-C) through the Association of Partners Sex Addiction Trauma Specialists (APSATS).  I have also had the pleasure of joining with four of my colleagues to create PEACE Wellness Collective to provide life coaching groups and individual sessions for people of color.  In addition to all this sexual knowledge, I use my past experience as a dancer to help those experiencing audition anxiety.   I am also an adjunct professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology - Los Angeles and spend my time off time with my husband, baby girl, and jack russell poodle named Fred. 

  • Sex Therapy

  • Sex Addiction

  • Partner Betrayal Trauma

  • Intimacy Issues

  • Female Sexual Health and Dysfunctions

  • Male Sexual Health and Dysfunctions

  • Polyamory Issues

  • Sexual Abuse/Trauma

  • Narcissist Victim Syndrome

  • Anxiety

  • Audition Anxiety

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