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Many times we meet someone whom we want to spend our lives with but we come with baggage that makes it difficult to connect.  Working together as a couple can be challenging and rewarding.  I will challenge each individual to be themselves and unload their baggage in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.  Let me assist you in communicating your needs in an effective way that implements constructive conflict.  Here you will be given exercises that will act as tools to be implemented in daily living together.  I will assess your family history to take a complete look at your compatibility as well as magnify your strengths and weaknesses.  My goal is to help the individual to learn about themselves in addition to learning about their partner to improve their interpersonal relationships while embracing their autonomy.  I am also a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist (CCPS-C).  I assist sex addicts and betrayal trauma partners in moving forward in their relationship, whether that be together or in co-parenting.  Here is a list of exercises that might be used in treatment:


-  Sensate Focus

-  Active Listening

-  Karpman Triangle

- 36 Questions

-  Boundary Setting


Holding Hands
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