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Support groups are an excellent way to aid in self improvement.  These topics can be difficult to discuss with friends and family, leading to isolation.  There is no positive growth in isolation.  Come learn from others and share your story in this symbiotic relationship.  Groups are LGBTQ+ friendly.  All are welcome.

Partner Betrayal Trauma (PBT)

Do you find yourself triggered from multiple infidelities from your trusted partner?  Is it hard to build trust in current/future romantic relationships?  Is your internal compass now skewed and you’re unsure of your decisions?  Those suffering from PBT can lose themselves in obsessing about their partner’s betrayals along with high anxiety and triggers possibly leading to anxiety attacks.  You might find yourself isolated with no support.  Join this group to aide in your recovery.  This group encompasses:

  • The effects of PBT on the brain

  • Emotional abuse

  • How to manage triggers

  • Boundaries/Consequences

  • Self care strategies

Sex and Love Addict Group (Women)

It is possible to be addicted to anything.  Sex and love are no different.  Women finding themselves continuously in toxic relationships or looking for validation outside of them may find comfort in this group.  You no longer have to live in fear of being judged and ridiculed as you avoid the feeling of abandonment or rejection.  Here you will be able to express yourself free of judgement with others who understand.  Some topics discussed include:

  • Core wounds

  • Circle plan

  • Self empowerment

  • Addictive cycles

  • Path to recovery

Narcissist Victim Syndrome Support Group

Those suffering from Narcissist Victim Syndrome may suffer incredible trauma and their sense of self-worth and confidence may be greatly impacted.  This group is designed to help those suffering through the fog to "find themselves" through the support of others who can relate.  You will also be provided with tools to advocate for yourself as well as learn how to not fall into the narcissist victim patterns that you have grown accustomed to.  Topics may include:   

  • Effects of NVS

  • How to break familiar patterns

  • Self advocacy/Assertive skills

  • Grounding exercises

  • How to achieve vision for self 

What is Healthy Sex? (Men or Women)

We live in a world where sex is very prominent in social media, groups, among peers, etc., yet it is shamed in society, our homes, religion, etc.  This group will be very instrumental in breaking down these misunderstandings that stunt our sexual growth.  Topics included will be:

  • Physical anatomy

  • Erogenous (Pleasure) zones

  • What is consent/Setting boundaries

  • Sex and spirituality

  • Healthy communication

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