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Throughout life we have been wired to do things a certain way, no matter if it is healthy or not.  In therapy we will break through maladaptive coping skills that may have previously served you well but no longer have a purpose.  With assistance, you can take control and work to rewire your brain.  All it takes is willingness, hard work, and consistency.  I can only do as much work as you are willing to put in.    We aren't meant to go through life's challenges alone.  Together, I can help you guide through anxiety, stress, depression, etc. I will assist you in coming up with new possibilities and perspectives to provide you with a different outcome than what you have encountered time after time.  Here are some methods that could be used in session:

-  Externalizing the problem

- Learning how to breathe through anxiety

-  Assertive skills training

- Self care solutions

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