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My Approach


My initial approach is to always meet the client where you are.  I understand the complexities of sex and how regardless of its public nature in media and social networks, it is very difficult to discuss in intimate settings.  This is especially hard when this topic was neglected in our families growing up and now we become adults with dysfunctions, addictions, trauma, and communication issues with no one to turn to for unbiased, educated advice.  As well as being trained in these topics, I have experienced many of these topics myself such as partner betrayal trauma, narcissist victim syndrome, communication issues, and fertility issues.  I like to fuse my experience and training to bring light in your path to healing.  I know that one approach does not work for everyone but I have found family systems theory to be helpful in breaking down the origins of the problem and unveil hidden patterns.  Then solution focused theory is applied to create a vision for the future.  You will never leave a session without homework to keep you focused on your goal while not in session.  This homework will be helpful in application of the concepts discussed in session, aiding in bringing you closer to your goals.     

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