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Sex Therapy/Sex Addiction/Partner Betrayal Trauma

As children, our parents all had different approaches when it came to communicating about sex.  In a many instances, parents didn't communicate about sex at all or didn't go past the biology of it.  As we get older we realize that sex is very nuanced beyond basic biological functions.   There are so many questions that accompany this discovery: 

-  What's my sexual orientation? 

-  How do I empower myself sexually? 

-  Is it OK to watch porn or masturbate? 

-  Does my past sexual trauma effect who I am today? 

-  What's the difference between sexual, gender,

    and identity

-  Why do I look for validation in relationships outside of

    my committed relationship?

-  Why do I feel more sexual after finding out my partner


-  Can every woman have an orgasm?

-  How do I move past my partner cheating?

-  How do I communicate about sex in a way that doesn't degrade my partner?

-  Is my fetish normal?

Unfortunately, our parents didn't arm us with the tools to answer these complex questions.  This uncertainty can lead to depression, anxiety, or stress in the short term.  When sexual issues aren't addressed, you may end up internalizing the issue as if something is wrong with you, leading to long term medical issues like fibromyalgia, pelvic pain disorders, and headaches.  Dealing with these issues can become extremely isolating, leaving you to suffer in silence.  I will join you and help you build a solid support system so you can be empowered to own your truth.

Image by Jose Escobar
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